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How to use aura if in lightning component

Understanding: The aura:if tag in lightning is used for the conditional rendering of the code. It is similar in functionality to the if-else of any programming language. It renders the content within the tag if...

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Uses of lightning:icon in lightning component and its types.

Understanding: There are five different types of icons that can be used in lightning component: Action Custom Doctype Standard Utility Lightning icons can be used in some of the lightning components like lightning:button, lightning:buttonIcon, lightning:icon....

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Uses of Apex Controller with Lightning Component

Understanding: In lightning, we use components to display data. Data can be anything ranging from the name of an sObject like Account to list of records of a particular sObject. Now to get the data...

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How to set dynamic values in Design Data Resource of Lightning

Design attributes are used to set some attributes during the design time i.e. while using App builder. For example, the admin can use your component on the record detail page of a particular sObject and...

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How to use design resource/attribute in lightning component

Understanding Design resource: The design resource is part of the component bundle which is basically used for the benefit of admins. To make some attributes available for the admins to use in tools like App...

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What are events in lightning component and how we can use them

 Events: An event is an action that is performed by the user, while interacting with an app. Based on that event a developer can decide to perform some manipulation in his code. The events may...

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What is lightning life cycle in Salesforce

Understanding: Lightning Life Cycle comes with a set of system events to notify components when the framework does something important. For example: init event is sent to every component when they are initially loaded. Similarly...

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What is aura attribute and what are the types in lightning

  An aura attribute is like a variable that we use in programming language or in Apex class. These are typed fields and set on a specific instance of a component. These attributes can be...

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What is lightning component and its resources

  Lightning Components is a UI framework for developing web apps for mobile and desktop devices. It’s a modern framework for building single-page applications with dynamic, responsive user interfaces for Lightning Platform.   In lightning...

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