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How to use lightning:quickActionAPI in Lightning?

Use: The lightning:quickActionAPI component is use in Lightning Experience only. Functionality: 1.Create an Action: 2.How to perform lightning:quickActionAPI: Short description: The lightning:quickActionAPI component is provide to access method for interact with quick action on record...

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How to use Lightining:recordForm

Use: We use Lightining:recordForm component for add,edit and view a record in salesforce. Functionality: Short description: Using this component we can easily create a form . Mode attribute specify the type of form. Mode values are...

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How to use lightning:datatable

Use: Lightning:datatable component supports mass inline editing Functionality: Short description: we can edit multiple table cells and save the change at one steps. Example: View the code on Gist. View the code on Gist. View the...

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How to use Lightning:navigation to navigate another component

Use: We use lightning:navigation component to navigate custom component. Functionality : Short description: Using lightning:isUrlAddressable ( add new interface in Summer 18 release ) interface , we can handle which Lightning component can be opened.Usually...

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